Quality Service for your Customers Depends on Quality Equipment

A restaurant would be out of business without the proper equipment functioning correctly. One of the most common pieces of equipment that breaks down would be the meat slicer. These machines are complex, expensive and can be very dangerous. This is why you must inspect and repair your equipment as soon as possible.

When maintaining a meat slicer, there are certain procedures that must be done in order to ensure a fully functional piece of equipment. These steps are simple but vital to your machine. First, you must disassemble your machine for a thorough cleaning. The first thing to do in this stage would be to unplug and power off the machine. Then using protective gear, proceed to take the machine down using the proper procedures set forth by the manufacturer in the user’s manual.

Once your machine is apart, you can begin to clean and disinfect the machine. This is usually done with commercial-grade soaps and cleaning techniques. Be sure to get all meat particles from the blade and arm, then you will need to run each part through a commercial dishwasher. After all this is done and your machine is thoroughly dried, you will be ready for the next step.


When re-assembling your meat slicer, be sure to inspect each part for damage and wear. If you find that you will need to replace parts, look for compatible hobart replacement parts with your Hobart dealer. Before installing your cutting blade, you should rub a thin coat of salad oil over it. This will help the wheel turn more freely when it is first turned on.

The final stage is cleaning the counter the meat slicer sits on. This is vital to keep bacteria from transferring back onto the slicer. This also helps keep your area cleaned and can pass health inspections. This is also a good moment to inspect your other equipment stored in that area.

Always check your equipment for repair issues and replace parts with quality globe part. Using cheap parts can damage your machine and be potentially dangerous to you or other employees. Quality service for your customers depends on quality parts.